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CADSOMA price overview


CADSOMA is free of charge until the end of May 2024! 

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CADSOMA, the leading CAD appstore for CAD software, services and CAD plugins, is characterized by its fair pricing for CAD developers and service providers. CADSOMA's model is based on transparent and fair principles to encourage developer success.

Until the end of May 2024, CADSOMA can be used without an annual fee and there is only a 20% margin on a sale. We do not charge a margin for cloud products and service deliverables, as these products are mapped in CADSOMA like an app catalog and cannot be sold.

For CAD service achievements (trainings, BIM management etc.) there will be an annual fee. Service achievements will be able to be published in CADSOMA from January 2024.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and look forward to your feedback.


  Important information   

The annual fees you see listed here will be billed starting June 01, 2024. Until then CADSOMA is free of charge for you.

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*An annual fee is charged, which is used to fund Google ads. This investment enables CAD developers and service providers to present their products and services to a broad target group. By supporting advertising, CADSOMA relieves developers of additional costs and allows them to focus on further developing their products.

When a sale is made via CADSOMA, a brokerage commission is charged. This commission ensures that CADSOMA can continue to offer first-class services and support to users. At the same time, it ensures that developers are appropriately compensated for their work and that the platform functions as a fair trading platform.

CADSOMA aims to create a harmonious and balanced environment for CAD developers and service providers. Through fair pricing based on transparent fees, the aim is long-term cooperation and sustainable success for all parties involved.