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Because we offer the platform for the uncomplicated sale of plugins!

Reach a larger audience

CADSOMA runs Google Adword campaigns for every category and CAD platform on the market. This way we make sure that your plugin will be found in Google.

Full control over payments

Use your PayPal or Stripe account to receive money directly into your account - or give users the option to order from you on account. It's up to you how you receive your money. CADSOMA does not involve itself in this.

Advanced customer management

You get a clear dashboard where you can keep track of all transactions, orders and customer data. No more and no less!


From the first moment you get an API interface to get orders, customer data and product uploads under control. Easily integrate our API into your system.

How it works

We from CADSOMA have been working hard on a simple concept!

Automated Sales Tracking

Always keep track of the payment and fulfillment status of your orders. We offer a fully comprehensive system for managing your orders. Store invoices, license keys and customer data centrally in our system.

Commission based pricing

Benefit from our transparent and risk-free pricing model.We do not charge any basic fees for a listing on our marketplace.We only charge a commission of x% on the sale of your plugins.

  • No base fee until June 2024
  • 20% commission per sale - charged quarterly
  • Clear display of commissions

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